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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Outside of being murdered or imprisoned by police, the worst crime perpetrated by those sworn to serve and to protect against the citizens of any given precinct is to suffer civil asset forfeiture.  "Civil asset forfeiture" is a polite police term for ROBBERY.  You have to have polite terminology to differentiate yourself from those that you seemingly oppose, but still very much resemble.

 You have to realize that someone having a "good guy" badge in no way makes one what they claim to be - think of it as "acting."

In tough economic times we as citizens have a whole lot more to worry about from predatory police than just increased traffic fines.  Your car, your only transportation to the job that sustains you could be taken from you, sold, and perhaps the police will get those new softball uniforms they've "needed" for so very long?  Your very home could be taken from you for the most fabricated bits of evidence - it's your word against theirs, and where is your "good guy" uniform?

Civil Asset Forfeiture is a legal device on the books, but when people learn to vote with their dollars - all anti Constitutional legislation can be overturned.