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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nebraska - Home of Monsanto's Most State of the Art Facility

How sad to see the poor people of Nebraska celebrating the *success* of something as nasty as a Monsanto plant in their state...

I wonder if anyone asked the dignitaries if they valued their profit margins more than they value their own family's future in America? How are those 1 million bags of GMO seed corn they seem so proud of going to impact the health and well being of their kids and grandkids? Do they know or care?

Are the residents of Nebraska aware that the company they tout as their economic savior resorts to scare tactics, lawsuits and open threats...all as part of their standard operating procedure?  I would be embarrassed to be an elected state official associated with Monsanto and if I were a voter in the state of Nebraska, I would be looking around for new officials who put their duty to the citizens of the state above lining their pockets with kickbacks and contributions from Monsanto and their ilk.

Excerpts from York News-Times Article

WACO, Nebraska — Governor Dave Heineman and Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning were among a number of dignitaries to visit the Monsanto seed corn production and research plant Monday morning, celebrating the facility’s first year in business.

Joining Heineman and Bruining were State Senator Greg Adams and Mark Messmer, representing Monsanto’s United States and Canadian corn breeding operations.

Tom Schaffran, the site manager of the Waco facility, noted that three years ago, nearly the same group assembled in a tent on the east side of what was then a cornfield, to break ground.

“Now, we are surrounded by concrete and there’s a roof over our heads,” Schaffran said. “A lot has happened here, in the last three years, with the construction of this state-of-the-art facility. Since operations began, we’ve bagged one million units of seed corn.”

The facility currently employs 57 full-time workers and up to 900 part-time workers during peak agricultural times throughout the year. The facility encompasses more than 160 acres of land and features and has more than 190,000 square feet of warehouse space. It also includes bulk storage, three high-capacity seed dryers, three green corn receiving lines and a 180-foot-tall conditioning tower. The facility packages an estimated 1,200 units of seed per hour. It is also the newest and most state-of-the-art of all Monsanto’s properties in the world.

Full article here

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