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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ten Terrors That Modern Scientist Dream Of Using To Enslave Americans.

Obviously, the minute that J.D. Rockefeller's first bribe brought down the law in the first state that said that a corporation had to prove that it served the public's good.....it's been straight downhill to here from there.

Monsanto, anyone?

What sort of public does that corporation serve?  Ah, of course....the Ted Turner elitist that want a world population of one half billion as per his Georgia Guide Stones....

Yep, that's it, can't think of anything else Monsanto is good for.  DuPont is rocking right along behind them too, have you seen the slavery in Argentina?  Maggoty meat?  It's what they feed their Hispanic GMO field slaves.

But I've digressed.

We all know that guns are not dangerous, but rather, the person who is holding the gun might be dangerous.  It's perfectly obvious that those who support the removal of guns from the populace are merely cowardly individuals who prefer the comfort of slavery, and have the utmost faith in the wholesomeness of slave-masters.

So too it is with all things science, for guns were just a physicist dream at one point in the past.