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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Using Disinformation For Personal Protection.

In modern America, the United States Constitution is no longer the guiding document of principles used to govern.  Our founding fathers in this nation provided us with the finest legal document and government design that had ever been created in the history of the entire world.  But modern American leadership trashed that document.

Running rampant in America today are militarized police forces that use LRAD weapons against peaceful college students.  The greatest violation, by far, of the Constitution - the "patriot act" has been used not for it's stated purpose, but to continue on with the "war on drugs," civil asset forfeitures, and the forced submission of once proud people's to a tyrannical and oppressive state that stresses the value of groups of corporate profiteers over the individual liberties that we once enjoyed.

The American mass media all the while plays up a two party paradigm which allows those sleepy headed foolish Americans to point fingers, and assure themselves that if only their side was in control, then things would be different.  Being delusional is part of the script provided for us all.

We no longer have honorable leaders or institutions.  Our leaders only lie when their gums are bumping against each other, and our once fine institutions, like the institution of America peace officers, no longer deserve any honor or respect - as often as not.  We Americans no longer have the responsibility to be honest with liars, we have no bonds forcing us to show integrity to corruption.  Using disinformation for personal protection is not only viable, but necessary in the larger sense, and in the smaller, day to day sense.

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