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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monsanto and Genetically Modified Soy - It's Poison.

There is never enough that can be said about just how awful the American corporation Monsanto truly is.  When you think about it, there should probably be a law against corporations that used to make chemical weapons from merging into the food business.  That seems rather obvious, doesn't it?

Besides the facts that soy upsets human hormonal balances in and of itself, the genetically modified version made by Monsanto, of course, is even worse.  I'm not aware of a single good that Monsanto produces that isn't toxic to humans - please let me know if you happen to know of one.

"Roundup Ready!"  Yes, indeed - but Roundup is toxic to humans, and when you spray it on weeds it gets into the soil, and the water

I don't know many Americans who know who and what Monsanto is.  Luckily for the Europeans, they do know, and now our Untied States Government wants to punish nations like France and Germany for NOT wanting to buy poison.  Monsanto poison is sold everywhere here though.