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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Long known as the single most evil corporation in the world, only Monsanto is in your refrigerator with poison exclusively - no other corporation has yet embraced the dark side quite like Monsanto - most corporations produce products that are safe to handle or be around.

But not Monsanto - they make food and poison - but their foods are poisons too, and there's never been a lawsuit for slandering Monsanto, as everything said about them on the negative end of things - is absolutely true.  They don't make a product that is safe for consumption, or safe to even be around.

I sit here and await the reports that world patriots have burned their fields to ashes, and incinerated their facilities - factories of death.

Saint Louis Missouri is a fine old town - but as that is the Monsanto city of head quarters, it's rather expedient that Monsanto bribes or outright owns the press there.  Let's have at it, world loving patriots, when shall I cease to wait to see the monopolized Khazarian mass media be forced to say that you've destroyed Monsanto?