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Monday, May 16, 2011

How The Methamphetamine Epidemic Was Created By Big Business, and For the Enslavement of Poor Whites.

The methamphetamine epidemic was no accident, my friends.  The methamphetamine epidemic was foreshadowed by many years of legal use, and American doctors hooking as many future addicts, and others, as was humanly possible.  Following that, it was made illegal, and then it's traditional method of manufacture was destroyed by a brilliant chemist and a brilliant chemical blocking agent, and this ensured the HUGE profits that were and still are reaped with the sales of pseudo ephedrine.  Not only that, this all occurred around the same time that the CIA's South Central Los Angeles "crack epidemic" was ended by the Rodney King beatings and the L.A. riots.  Obviously, the heat was on - and a new victim was needed to replace poor blacks.  Obviously, the meth epidemic, plotted and controlled - victimized poor whites.

Check the link, read the facts.  It's your life, and your kid's lives.