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Monday, April 18, 2011

State Police Using Cellphone Extraction Devices

It is no shock to me that there are devices that can get into your computer and steal or manipulate information you have stored on it. But now Federal and State police can now extract information from your cellphone without your knowledge.

Imagine being stopped because you went through an intersection as the light went red and the local police pull you over. While they are running your license and registration they also go through your cell phone without you knowledge. It is happening right now in this country. The Department of Homeland Security has taken it upon themselves to even do this to traveler's laptops when going through the airport, ports of entry and Border Patrol check stations up to 100 miles inside the US.

The state of Michigan' State Police are even have used these devices to access information from cellphones that officers asked drivers they have pulled over to give them. Giving your private information to any local, state or federal official should not be asked at a traffic stop, coming into our country or even being in our country. The 4th Amendment which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures should include our computers and cellphones. Oh wait a minute it does but that damn Patriot Act thing is still stripping away our rights.

The state of Michigan's ACLU has asked the Michigan State Police (MSP) why they are using these "Extraction devices" but the MSP have been throwing some red tape out there to get this information. The MSP have said that they are working "in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act."

OK, cool let me request the information. I know there is a small fee for the information so, what's it going to cost to get the information from these devices? According to the Michigan State Police the information for these devices under the FOIA is going to cost about $500,000.00. The is a big red tape being wrapped with a not a chance from the State Police.

So if you get pulled over, stopped at a Border Patrol Check Station or going through an airport do not give them your cellphone or computer. It is best to always have them turned off and even the battery removed to prevent them from accessing your private information.

You can read more here if your head is not spinning enough.

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