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Friday, April 15, 2011

Presenting President Barry At Open Mic Night...

Our president was on the hot mike yesterday in what he thought was a private chat with campaign donors. Barry offered candid, behind the scenes details concerning his budget ‘negotiations’ with GOP leaders. (At this point we use the word ‘leader’ loosely for both sides of the political aisle) Mark Knoller, White House Correspondent, listened in to an audio feed of the conversation with donors, after reporters had left the room…

Obama is heard whining like a kicked dog about Republican attempts to attach measures to the budget bill which would have effectively killed parts of his ‘hard-won’ health care reform program.

He complains how rough it was on him as he had to travel the country and push the health care bill through, “At great political cost” and went on to more or less say that after all his toil and suffering  by damned if anyone was going to stop the bill now.

Speaking about his closed-door negotiations on the bill to fund the federal government until September, he told the pirates, er, lobbyists…oops, we mean the campaign donors - "I said, 'You want to repeal health care? Go at it. We'll have that debate. You're not going to be able to do that by nickel-and-diming me in the budget. You think we're stupid? 

No sir, we do not think you are stupid; your actions since taking office has removed all doubt and we know that stupid is far too kind a word to use for what the majority of the country thinks of you. Didn’t your mammy ever tell you not to ask questions you don’t really want the answers to?

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