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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Police and Gun Control

Another excellent article from WTS

Gun Control.

It's a complete and utter fallacy to say that removing guns from the populace makes the people of those communities safer.  It's a monumental misplacement of faith to think that a government or government body can protect you from your neighbors.  You have the right to protect yourself, your family, and your property in the United States of America with firearms, and such rights are granted to you via the founding fathers of this nation in the second amendment in the United States Bill of Rights.  The right to protect yourself and bare arms, however, is not a right that any governing body can give to you, it's a right that you have, whether you realize it or not, upon birth.

Gun Control isn't about Guns, it's About Control.

I never get tired of hearing people talk about how their ideas or their political party favorite, or whatever and whoever, are somehow going to change the world, and make it better. It's sort of like when someone blames Islam or Christianity or Judaism for the violence in the world. Religions don't commit acts of violence, violent people do. If you took away all of the religions in the world, you'd have the same violent people left, and they'd only find another reason to do what they were doing already. Of course I've over simplified things, but the previous sentence is still the water floating battleship reality.

Having more faith in government, or in individuals than you have in your own ability to control yourself well; is a sign of low self esteem, and I associate that with humanism. What is humanism? It's the religion that claims that it isn't one. It's the worship of mankind. If you've not reached the conclusion that mankind is a circle jerk fool's parade yet, then let me tell you a story. . .

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