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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unarmed Greyhound Passengers "Frozen" During Bus Hijacking

Had there been several legally armed passengers on board I wonder how long it would have taken to put an end to this situation? Why should the passengers feel it necessary to ‘stand their frozen’ and afraid to move?

Instead of calling in TSA to perform invasive medical and rectal exams in the name of increasing security and public safety, why don’t we exercise a little common sense and train more citizens to defend themselves in public-attack situations?

WRAL.com - A gunman hijacked a Greyhound bus headed to Raleigh Thursday night, but all the passengers and driver managed to escape unharmed, authorities and witnesses said.

State troopers identified the suspect as Jose Flores, 32.

Vance County Sheriff Peter White said that a passenger from Arlington, Va., walked up to the front of bus no. 6516 along Interstate 85 South in Warren County. He asked the driver to be let off, then became irate and pulled out a gun, passengers said.

The man claimed he had a bomb and said, "If I don't get you with the gun, I will get you with the bag," White said. He ordered passengers to get off the bus, but most stood frozen.

…"He was just irate, (didn't) make no sense," said one passenger. "Nobody understood what was the purpose. He kept saying, 'I want to go to the courthouse, the nearest courthouse.'"
Passengers said they were nervous to continue on their trips with Greyhound.
"I still got a long way to go, and these people expect me to get on another bus. Would you get on another bus after you had a gun stuck to your head?"

A passenger, who was traveling to visit family in Florida, called for increased security measures on buses."Something's got to be done. I could have been dead tonight," he said. "Anybody could walk up on here on a Greyhound bus and have a gun on them and without checking nobody. It might slow things down, but this ain't right."
Original Source & Full Story on WRAL.com

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